How To Travel Keokaradong & BogaLake( কিভাবে যাবেন বগালেক আর কেওকারাডং)

Bandarban, the mysterious and beautiful region of Bangladesh. What if I tell you the dragons are real?

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What if I tell you water can change its own color?? Both of them are unbelievable, right?

As mentioned before, water can change its own color!!  Surely, Water cannot change its own color– but when you will visit this insanely beautiful lake you would definitely think water can change its own color!! The simple science behind this color variation is just the surroundings depending on the sunlight, clouds, and humidity which help to create an illusion for our eyes.

The lake is 2400 above sea level, and it covers 15.1 acres area and the depth is about 150 meters (502 feet). And there is no water source around this lake. The lake is bounded by three sides by mountains. Though there is not enough waterfall near the peaks it’s just a mysterious act of nature the mountain’s peak always totter with water!!

You may leave Dhaka by night coach to visit Boga Lake and Keocradong. There is only one A/C bus but there are at least 5 non-A/C buses. Fares are within Tk 650-1200.

From Chittagong It is only 220/- tk to Bandarban

There are several hotels and many good restaurants in Bandarban, where you can stay and take foods. From Bandarban you have to go to Ruma by local bus / chandergari or by reserving boat. From there, you have to go to Keocradong on foot.

bandarban to ruma by bus ,fare 150/- tk

You can also stay at Boga Lake area where there are a few government and non-government rest houses and several food shops and restaurants.

Now a days in winter jeep goes straight to Keocradong from boga lake.

Information for Tourist
At first you have to make a trip from Bandarban to Ruma Upozilla by “Chander Gari” (public jeep) or a private vehicle. From Ruma you can hire public jeep up to Boga lake. On the way you have to register your name, contact address and other details in the respective security camp. It is apprised that you are not allowed to leave Ruma for Boga lake after 4pm.

Beauty of Bogalake
Bogalake, an inscriptive endowment of beauty and pleasure at Bandarban, Bangladesh

Nature lovers always feel a thirst inside for beauty, thrill and enchantment. And the holy nature has bestowed Bangladesh with an overwhelming and unparallel creature which is publicly known as Boga Lake. Bogalake is considered as a source of wonder, unlimited beauty and adventure for the nature`s lovers and travelers. So Boga Lake is waiting with its unique beauty for those adventurous travelers who just not only want to satisfy their eyes with artificial and tedious natural beauties but also want to fill their heart with eternal joy and thrill to innovate their restless mind. And it has emerged like a holy duty of the travelers and tourists to visit the Boga Lake as soon as possible to highlight the beauty with thrill.
Bogalake is the highest natural lake of Bangladesh situated at Bandarban, Chittagong. Boga lake attracts the nature lovers in such a magnetic way that no other place of beauty can dare to be the alternative of Boga lake. Nature has created this Bogalake with its kind attention which results in a legendary reserve of water on the hilltop to attract the tourists, travelers and nature lovers not only from the local inhabitants of Bandarban but also people from all over Bangladesh and even of the whole world.



Tourist Guides:

Per day Fee to Hire Guide 800/-tk

Name               Fathers name                Address                      contact 

1 Lalsuakthar Bawm Saplin Bawm New Eden Road, Ruma 01553001488
2 Panuam Btlung Chuanalh Lairunpi, Ruma 01739343329
3 Lalchawisang Bawm Tawnlian Bawm Girja Para, Ruma 01559222570
4 Misuk Karmakar Anil Karmakar Ruma Bazar 01849672213
5 Bawiremthang Bawm Late Nawlchawm Lairunpi, Ruma 01551707067
6 Md. Sohel Uddin Md. Hasan Ali Muslim Para 01849881464
7 Bikash Datta Sanjit Datta Barua Para, Ruma 01553001587
8 Apel Mallik Late Ranjit Mallik Muslim Para 01557866766
9 Shadek Hossain Md. Mukter Muslim Para 01554606612
10 Tiplu Barua Madal Barua Barua Para, Ruma 01553060439
11 Lal Samuel Lalbiak Bawm Lairunpi, Ruma 01554605223
12 Zingramsawm Bawm Late Rokham Bawm New Eden Road, Ruma 01836175330
13 Rubel Bawm Siamkual Bawm New Eden Road, Ruma 01553144892
14 Fredick Vanmalsawm Zuamdir Bawm New Eden Road, Ruma 01553138014
15 Lallawmzual Late Lalsiamthang Lairunpi, Ruma 01864429429




© Copyright protected by the bearded foodie bd.

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